Aromatherapy Case Studies


There are ten case studies – ten clients which are treated four times each.

Also included are notes from The History of Aromatherapy, notes on Carrier oils, blends for various ailments, study cards and essential oil quick reference excel spreadsheets.

Detailed Consultation Form – based on ITEC’s sample consultation form. Also included is a Consultation Form Template that you may use as a basis for your own consultation form (in .doc and .rtf format).

Client profile and lifestyle – details of what the client does, their work/home lifestyle and their stress levels. This gives an indication of what the client needs from the treatments.

Treatment plan – explanation of what will be treated for, be it emotional or physical. Also includes the constant oil that will be used throughout the treatment.

Rationale for choice of each essential oil for treatment – the reasons for choosing the three oils (usually one top, one middle and one base note) and also the face oil

Client reaction during and after the treatment – taking note of how the client felt and what they said gave an indication as to how the treatment worked for them.

Rationale for choice of each carrier oil for treatment – usually choosing two carrier oils and the reasons why they were chosen – also the carrier oil for the face.

Alternative choice of oils for treatment – different oils I could have used during the treatment – keeping the constant oil used.

Ratio of blending for treatment – the number of drops of oil I used for each oil and why.

Details of how I conducted the treatment – including some preparation details and how I performed the aromatherapy massage.

Client reaction during and after the treatment – how the client felt during and after the treatment.

Home care advice – immediate after-care advice, advice specific to the treatment and ideas for the coming week of what to do to enhance the effects of the treatment.

Reflective practice – how I felt I performed during the treatment, what I could have done better and what I learned.

Overall Conclusion – how the treatments went overall, what I learned from this client and how the treatments helped the client.

The case studies are in Read-Only PDF format (for easy reading and continuity) and can be opened by those who do not have ms word.